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Interview with Jeremy Weate: Off the Map in Nigeria

Frank Bures talks to the guidebook author about the challenges and rewards of travel in Nigeria

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The Leap at Crater Lake

The Leap at Crater Lake Photo by Dustin Eward

Amy Eward's infertility strained her marriage and left her reeling. During a trip to Oregon, she made a bold move to try to regain control.

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Tourism in the Tenderloin

Is San Francisco’s “ragged, druggy and determinedly dingy domain of the city’s most down and out” ready for tourists? The New York Times explores the question and talks to those behind a push to bring travelers to the ‘loin.

Let’s See What’s Down There

Let’s See What’s Down There iStockPhoto

In an excerpt from his new book, David Grann takes to New Zealand's high seas on a quest for elusive giant squid

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The Mad Matatus of Kenya

The Mad Matatus of Kenya Photo by Carl Hoffman

In an excerpt from "The Lunatic Express," Carl Hoffman spends a sweaty, noisy, desperate 24 hours in Nairobi

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Interview With Carl Hoffman: Riding ‘The Lunatic Express’

Jim Benning asks the author about the joys and challenges of traveling in steerage

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Inspiration, Travel Writing and L’Esprit Frondeur

Inspiration, Travel Writing and L’Esprit Frondeur iStockPhoto

What will you do that will be different and worthy of recounting? Jeffrey Tayler on the writer's life.

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Forests to Burn

Forests to Burn Photo by Joshua Berman

Joshua Berman spent a glorious summer exploring some of America's most beautiful wilderness areas -- with a drip torch in hand

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R.I.P. National Geographic Adventure

The National Geographic Society announced today that its 10-year-old adventure title will cease publishing, apparently due to declining ad sales. This month’s issue will be its last. Here’s West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro on the loss of the magazine:

For those of you who are just passing readers of the magazine, its demise might be a mere curiosity or random note of economic discord. But for those of us who care about good writing, great photography, insight and curiosity and advocacy for an engaged relationship with the world at large, it is a truly remorseful day.

We interviewed National Geographic Adventure editor John Rasmus about a new travel anthology a couple months back.

Trekking the High Atlas, Taking the Pain

Trekking the High Atlas, Taking the Pain iStockPhoto

A fall in Morocco's rugged mountains left Jeffrey Tayler writhing in agony -- and wondering whether to abandon his journey

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Tim Cahill on Writing Literate Adventure Stories

"You don't need Superman to do an adventure story"

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Travel Movie Watch: ‘127 Hours’

It looks like “Slumdog Millionaire” director Danny Boyle may not be headed back to Mumbai right away, after all. Variety is reporting that Boyle’s next project is an adaptation of “127 Hours,” the true story of a mountaineer who was pinned under a boulder in Utah for five days and eventually amputated his own arm to make his escape. The rumor mill has Ryan Gosling playing the lead, but nothing’s been confirmed yet. Stay tuned. (Via Gawker)

Adventures in Travel Photography in the Digital Age*

Introducing a new column for travel photographers of all levels

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Finally Some Good News on Travel in Mexico

Finally Some Good News on Travel in Mexico iStockPhoto

Drug cartels. Murders. The news is often bad out of Mexico. Peter Ferry journeys beyond the headlines.

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Video You Must See: Biking Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’

Bolivia’s notorious Death Road from La Paz to Coroico has become popular with mountain bikers and other adventurous travelers since being named “the world’s most dangerous road” by the Inter American Development Bank back in the mid-90s. Here’s a taste.

0:24—First good look at the drop-off
0:54—Sneaking past a truck
1:20—Biking through waterfalls

Video You Must See: Buried in an Avalanche

1:05—Skier starts his descent
1:24—Buried in avalanche
5:22—First sounds of rescuers

(Via The Daily Dish. More details at Vimeo.)

Interview With John Rasmus: ‘The New Age of Adventure’

Jim Benning asks the National Geographic Adventure editor about a new travel anthology, and about how technology is changing our sense of adventure

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Yunnan’s ‘Treats’

In one of Kunming's finest restaurants, Jeffrey Tayler samples the dragonfly larvae, bamboo bugs and grasshoppers

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The Bucket and the Cup

The Bucket and the Cup Photo by lemoncat1 via Flickr, (Creative Commons)

Sophia Dembling knew India would be a land of mysteries. She just didn't find the ones she expected.

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Zac Sunderland, 17, Becomes Youngest Sailor to Circumnavigate the Globe Solo

Zac Sunderland, 17, Becomes Youngest Sailor to Circumnavigate the Globe Solo REUTERS/Alberto Lowe
Zac Sunderland at the Panama Canal back in May (REUTERS/Alberto Lowe)

The teenager arrived back in Southern California this morning after 13 months at sea, breaking the record held by Australian Jesse Martin, who completed his solo sail around the world at 18.

You can check out Zac’s blog to get more of the back story on the journey, or see photos and a map of his route courtesy of the L.A. Times.

Anyone else thinking, “Gee, what was I doing when I was 17?”