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The Best Travel Stories from World Hum

Which stories do book editors think are the best travel stories from World Hum? These World Hum essays have appeared in "The Best American Travel Writing," "Best Women's Travel Writing" and "Best Travel Writing" anthologies.

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Where the Roads Diverged

After searching all her life, Catherine Watson felt she'd found home on Easter Island. Then she heard a whisper in her ear: Be careful what you wish for.

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Interview with George Saunders: Loose in the Real World

Frank Bures talks with the author about Dubai, Nepal's Buddha Boy and what he learned about travel from a mob of rock-hauling, 70-year-old women in Singapore

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Hope and Squalor at Chungking Mansion

Chungking Mansion Hong Kong Photos via Wikipedia.

Karl Taro Greenfeld explores Hong Kong's notorious black-market bazaar and budget accommodations, and one possible over-populated, multi-ethnic future for us all

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The Lost World of Nigeria

eredo Photo by Frank Bures.

The Eredo once formed a boundary between the real and spirit worlds, and could easily contain Manhattan. Frank Bures goes in search of one of the planet's forgotten architectural wonders.

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The Woman in the Keffiyeh

kuffiya Photo illustration by Jim Benning.

In southernmost Turkey, women are known as the forbidden ones. So when a beautiful local invited Jeffrey Tayler for a ride on her horse-drawn cart and unmasked herself, he tried not to look. But he failed.

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Unlocking Beirut

When Catherine Watson left Lebanon's capital city in the 1960s, she carried home the key to her former apartment. Forty years later, she returned with her prized souvenir and found it could still open doors.

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The Places We Find Ourselves

Her official title was faculty sponsor. But in the confusion of post-Katrina New Orleans, Kristin Van Tassel realized the slippery nature of the roles we all play.

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Lust in Translation

Lust in Translation iStockPhoto

When the phone rang in his hotel room in Xian, China, Jim Benning expected to face a frustrating language barrier. He never imagined a woman with a sultry voice at the other end.

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A Brief and Awkward Tour of the End of the Earth

A Brief and Awkward Tour of the End of the Earth Photo by Jason Anthony.

Jason Anthony was working as a U.S. Antarctic Program fuels operator when he was called to remote Vostok Station. It was a trip he would lie to take.

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The Art of Writing a Story About Walking Across Andorra

The Art of Writing a Story About Walking Across Andorra Art by Jeff Wilson.

He traversed an entire nation in a long weekend. Now Rolf Potts shows how you can impress members of the opposite sex and write a textbook-perfect travel article in eight easy steps.

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The Joy of Steam

The Joy of Steam Photo by Kate Milford.

Tony Perrottet went for a simple scrub down at the oldest bath house in Istanbul and discovered a link to the ancient Roman Empire

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Test Day

Test Day Photo by Frank Bures.

Frank Bures administers an English exam to his students in Tanzania, where life is hard and giving up isn't an option

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Sandbags in the Archipelago

On a remote South Pacific island, Heather Eliot meets a man and explores the fine line between fantasy and reality.

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War Zones for Idiots

War Zones for Idiots Photo courtesy Tom Bissell

The "World Series of Journalism" had begun in Afghanistan, and Tom Bissell didn't have to qualify to play. He just had to show up.

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Power Trip

Nuclear cartoon Art by Emily Maloney.

Grab your 3-D glasses! Pin that name tag to your jacket! Now get on the bus with American art student Emily Maloney for a class excursion to a Japanese nuclear plant.

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Innocence Abroad

When the Taiwanese police hauled him in, Drew Forsyth experienced one of a traveler's worst nightmares: He went to jail for a crime he didn't commit.

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Islam’s Bloody Celebration

At the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice in Jordan, Rolf Potts unearths the quirky, intimate face of an Islamic world you won't find on the news

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