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Catch the Elvis Movie Marathon Tonight

Want to follow along with our Elvis travel movie picks? You can watch “Viva Las Vegas” and “Blue Hawaii” today on Turner Classic Movies’ 75th birthday marathon.

King of the Road: Five Great Elvis Travel Movies

Eva Holland and Eli Ellison go traveling with The King on his 75th birthday.

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Wandering Through ‘Hawaii: Holoholo Wale’

Hawaii, surfboards Photo by Pam Mandel.
Photo by Pam Mandel

Confession. I was not all that interested in Hawaii at first. Too touristy, a cliche, whatever. Maybe it was the Elvis movies or the Brady Bunch in Hawaii episodes or the glitzy ad campaigns that showed swimming pools that looked like mini-golf courses. A significant birthday brought me there, my mom’s dash-zero year meant a family gathering, a holiday home, a minivan.

At the time, I was living a divided life between two places, a small town in Austria and Seattle, Washington. In order to get to Hawaii for this January birthday, my mate and I boarded a flight in wintery Vienna. Two days later—after a one-night stop in my Seattle apartment to repack—we stepped out of the plane on to the tarmac at the Kona airport and I fell in love.

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R.I.P. Alfred Shaheen, Aloha Shirt Revolutionary

He’s credited with advances in manufacturing aloha shirts and raising “the garments to the level of high fashion with artistic prints, high-grade materials and quality construction.” He also designed the shirt Elvis wore on the cover of the “Blue Hawaii” soundtrack. Shaheen was 86.

Burning, Burning, Burning, and Nothing Can Cool Me?

Photo of parking sign at Graceland RV Park by Eva Holland.

I spent the better part of last week literally at the end of Lonely Street, in an RV park across the street from Graceland. Competition was stiff, but my verdict is in: The most hilarious Elvis-related play on words came courtesy of the Heartbreak Hotel’s Jungle Room Restaurant, where the “Hunk a Burning Tenders” are on offer every day from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. The only downside? They really weren’t that spicy.

30 Years After Elvis’s Death, Graceland Set For $250 Million Makeover

Or, as the groan-inducing headline in the Los Angeles Times reads, Graceland About to Get All Shook Up. According to the AP, CKX Inc., the company that controls Elvis Presley’s name and image as well as Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, plans a new visitors center, a convention hotel and a museum with high-tech displays. “As great as it is,” CKX Chairman Robert F.X. Sillerman said of Graceland, “it can be so much better.” The project will take approximately three years.

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