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Is This a ‘Golden Age’ for Air Travel?

USA Today’s Ben Mutzabaugh makes the case, arguing that—despite the many complaints about air travel today—low fares, new technology and an array of service choices could mean flying has never been better.

Meanwhile, a quick browse through our archives reveals that we may also be enjoying the golden age of American family vacations, the golden age of green travel, a new golden age of train travel, the golden age of British indie bookstores and the new golden age of the cross-country road trip. Travelers of the 21st century, count your blessings.

Scenes From the Golden Age of Airplane Food

I guess there’s a Golden Age for everything. Marketplace turns back the clock to the post-WWII glory years of “platters laden with hors d’oeuvres” and “heaps of brisket.”

Cranky Flier: ‘Airlines’ Golden Age Wasn’t so Golden’

In light of the “outrageous” Spirit Airlines carry-on bag fee, Brett Snyder addresses the air-travel-used-to-be-so-much-better crowd:

Americans today want flying to mirror the image in their heads of the glory days of air travel. But that vision is outdated. The industry is making changes not to ruin your life but to survive.

If you think about air travel 50 years ago, you probably envision smartly dressed businessmen reclining in big, comfy seats and enjoying elaborate meals. Meanwhile, attractive young stewardesses fawn over their customers—the legendary “coffee, tea or me” days. Those days weren’t, however, as glamorous as you might imagine.

Is This a New Golden Age for Train Travel?

Tony Naylor doesn’t think so. In this piece in the Guardian, he argues that rail travel isn’t the comfortable, scenic, low-carbon alternative to to air travel that it’s cracked up to be. Here’s a taste:

Four years ago, I decided to limit the number of times I would fly each year to one transatlantic flight, or two within Europe… The idea of the train as a far more authentic and civilised—not to mention non-lethal—mode of travel was seductive.

The reality, however, is more complex. You see more of the world, for sure, but that is a mixed blessing.

The Man in Seat 61 responds here.

Is it a ‘Golden Age’ for British Indie Bookstores?

Apparently, more than 60 new stores have opened in the U.K. in the past 15 months. That’s a nice counterweight to all the closures we’ve been covering. (Via The Book Bench)

The ‘Golden Age’ of Green Travel

The ‘Golden Age’ of Green Travel Photo by joiseyshowaa via Flickr (Creative Commons)

That would be right now, despite the economic recession, says National Geographic Adventure’s eco tourism expert Costas Christ. Consider the evidence: Airlines are testing clean biofuels, top tourism organizations are battling climate change and defining sustainability standards and the Marriott Corporation is leading the charge to protect some 1.4 million acres of Amazon rain forest. Most notably for the humble traveler, the small outfitters and family-owned lodges of the early years of eco tourism are regaining their influence over the “$500-a-night jungle resorts” that have put eco travel out of financial reach for many, Christ says.

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Susan Sessions Rugh: ‘The Golden Age of American Family Vacations’

Elyse Franko asks the author of "Are We There Yet?" about the rise and fall of the family vacation, segregation in travel and how family trips are changing today

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Oprah Winfrey, Amanda Congdon and the New Golden Age of the Cross-Country Road Trip

The coast-to-coast drive hasn't been this hot in 50 years. Michael Yessis explores why it's back -- and how travelers just might produce the next "On the Road" on the Internet.

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