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Of Laws and Loopholes

Of Laws and Loopholes Photo: Christopher Vourlias

Christopher Vourlias just wanted to cross the border, but one man stood between him and the Congo

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Nine Subversive Travel Novels

Thomas Kohnstamm celebrates fiction that uncovers deeper truths about travel and the world

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The Water Is Wide

Bronwen Dickey considers Tim Butcher's "Blood River: A Journey to Africa's Broken Heart," which takes readers deep into the Congo

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Bryan Mealer: ‘War and Deliverance in Congo’

The former AP correspondent traveled up the Congo River. Frank Bures asks the author of "All Things Must Fight to Live" about following in the wake of Joseph Conrad.

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‘Things Fall Apart’: 50 Years Later

For many, Chinua Achebe's classic novel serves as an introduction to Africa. But Frank Bures writes that the place it depicts is now hard to recognize.

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