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Caution: Funny Signs Ahead

Caution: Funny Signs Ahead Photo by Sarah Eriksen

Doug Lansky picks his favorite photos from a new "Signspotting" book

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‘Warm Shots,’ ‘Vaseline’ and Other Movie Classics

The Huffington Post takes a look at the international variations of a few well-known movie titles. My favorite? China’s “Six Naked Pigs”—otherwise known as The Full Monty.

Mixed Signals: When A-OK is not Okay

Osh, Kyrgysztan REUTERS/Viktor Korotayev

On the intersection of place, politics and culture

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Promised Land Closed

And other odd and unlikely signs from around the world. Aficionado Doug Lansky, editor of the book "Signspotting," recounts his 10 favorites.

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We’ll Always Have ‘Charlie’

Alphabet Letters Photo by Gaetan Lee, via Flickr (Creative Commons).

In the spirit of global misunderstanding, Jerry V. Haines reveals the worst phonetic alphabet ever

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Signspotting’s Five Finalists

Voting is open for Signspotting’s Sign of the Year award. Among the five finalists is Josh Kaplan’s shot of this sign along the road to Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Who knew invisibility was such a problem in Tanzania? The person with the winning photo gets a ‘round-the-world plane ticket.

Lust in Translation

Lust in Translation iStockPhoto

When the phone rang in his hotel room in Xian, China, Jim Benning expected to face a frustrating language barrier. He never imagined a woman with a sultry voice at the other end.

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Signs of Confusion

Bad translations abound. In a Thai restaurant, Rolf Potts struggles to make sense of them.

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“Stop Here When Flashing”

Voting is underway for the best snapshot submitted in the last year to travel writer Doug Lansky’s wacky sign column, “Signspotting: Unintentionally Funny Signs from Around the World.” Lansky has narrowed last year’s entries down to five finalists. Take a look at them and cast your vote here. The winning photographer wins a ‘round-the-world plane ticket. To submit your own photo and learn more, visit Signspotting.com.

Lost in Translation

The Phraselator will soon find its way into independent travelers' bags, but Rolf Potts prefers a more sublime kind of communion

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