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‘Space Plane’ Manufacturer Projects ‘Big Demand’

Robert Laine, chief technical officer of EADS, says his company plans to build a production line for its space planes in order “to satisfy the space tourism market,” reports the BBC. From the story: “Its market assessment suggests there would be 15,000 people a year prepared to part with some 200,000 euros (£160,000) for the ride of a lifetime.”

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SpaceShipTwo: New Tourist Spacecraft Unveiled

Image: Virgin Galactic

Designs for SpaceShipTwo (pictured), the craft Virgin Galactic plans to use to take travelers into space as early as 2009, were shown publicly for the first time at a press conference today in New York. Virgin Galactic’s Web site has many other images of the beautiful ship and its carrier plane, WhiteKnightTwo—if you’re patient enough to give the page time to load. It seems to be overwhelmed with traffic this afternoon.

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Bring Your Tray Tables to the Upright Position and…Duck!

The pilot of a Lan airline jet reported seeing flaming debris fall past his plane as he prepared for a landing in Auckland. NASA officials suspect it was meteors. You want space tourism? Lan’s got your space tourism.

Rachael Ray to Feed Space Travelers

Perky, polarizing multimedia mogul, Food Network personality and travel show host Rachael Ray will cook Thai chicken and two other meals for the astronauts on the next voyage of the space shuttle Discovery, which is set to launch Dec. 7. They’re the first meals from a food celebrity to fly on the shuttle, USA Today reports. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station ate Emeril Lagasse’s jambalaya and mashed potatoes with bacon last August.

Moby, Dave Navarro Book Trips to Space

The two musicians have reportedly reserved tickets through Virgin Galactic, a commercial space venture being developed by Richard Branson.

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