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The Songlines of Key West: Doing the Duval Crawl

Duval Street, Key West Photo by Michelle Thatcher.

In a three-part series, Bill Belleville burrows deep into the spirit of the mythic island.

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R.I.P. Alfred Shaheen, Aloha Shirt Revolutionary

He’s credited with advances in manufacturing aloha shirts and raising “the garments to the level of high fashion with artistic prints, high-grade materials and quality construction.” He also designed the shirt Elvis wore on the cover of the “Blue Hawaii” soundtrack. Shaheen was 86.

What Every Traveler Should Know About Disposable Underwear

onederwear disposable underwear Photo by Frank Murray.

Kelsey Timmerman tells all

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Borat (Er, Bruno?) Busted In Italy

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen was arrested in Milan this weekend after leaping onto the runway during a fashion show, the CBC reports. The actor is currently at work on a new movie, but this time, his traveling Kazakh journalist Borat will be replaced by another Cohen favorite—roving Austrian fashion reporter, Bruno. The new flick, the catchy-titled “Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt”, is due out next summer. There’s no word yet on another accompanying guidebook.

Don’t Mess with Bavarian Heritage: Cheap, Imported Lederhosen Dubbed ‘Yuppie Outfits’

Photo by 46137 via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Better check your lederhosen and dirndls before heading to the Oktoberfest beer tents: If you’re not sporting a German-made getup you’ll likely fuel the ire of Bavarian purists.

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‘Large Underwire Bra’ Triggers Metal Detector, Woman’s Wrath

Ladies (maybe some gents, too?), I suggest you think twice before donning an underwire bra before flying. At Oakland International Airport, a “big-busted woman wearing a large underwire bra” set off a metal detector, the San Francisco Chronicle reports, prompting what the woman, Nancy Kates, believed was overzealous and humiliating scrutiny during the routine pat down.

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In Defense of Rachael Ray. Again.

Last time, she faced charges of excessive perkiness. This time, she’s been ridiculously accused of being a terrorist sympathizer for wearing a scarf that some bloggers thought looked like a keffiyeh, a traditional Arab headdress worn by, among others, the late Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat. She wore it in an ad for Dunkin’ Donuts (pictured). The company initially “pooh-poohed the complaints,” according to the Boston Globe, but eventually took down the ad “because the possibility of misperception detracted from its original intention to promote our iced coffee,” reports the New York Times.

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In Patagonia, In Patagonia

Patagonia logo Photo by Tim Patterson

Tim Patterson packs his fleece and long underwear, and enters the Twilight Zone where corporate branding meets the multilayered reality of place.

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New U.S. Passport Design: The’ Ugly Khaki Shorts’ of Passports?

We’ve written before about the over-the-top patriotic design of the new U.S. passport. Reviews are still trickling in, and I like Karrie Jacobs’s take. “When I travel, I try to be the Complex American—a citizen of the fascinating, nuanced, multicultural, messy and basically decent place I know this country to be,” she remarked yesterday in a short essay on public radio’s Marketplace. “But I feel like this passport blows my cover. It’s like suddenly, against my will, I’m wearing ugly khaki shorts and talking way too loud.” That’s right, Karrie. You might as well be wearing these at every customs checkpoint.

One Argument for Dressing up for Your Next Flight

“Most of us are stuck in economy class, but not all of us stay there,” writes Christopher Elliott this week. “How do people snag upgrades? Well, one of the secrets of frequent travelers is to look the part….I’ve spoken with several airline folks who have admitted they’ll pick someone who looks like he belongs in the forward cabin.” In other words, this guy probably isn’t getting the nod.

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Photo by crucially via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

‘If a Barefoot Man Can’t Walk Into Stuckey’s, Why Can he Sit Next to me All the Way to Sydney?’

Great question, Steve Rushin. He poses it in a hilarious column in Time, in which he offers his own “modest proposals to return air travel to its original upright position.” Among them: “Prison time to the passenger who stands in the aisle fastidiously folding his blazer.”

How to Wear a Sari in India

It's not as complicated as it might appear. Anita Rao Kashi reveals what it takes to get the elegant traditional Indian dress just right -- and to get the right one for you.

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It’s Still SUX: Sioux City Embraces its Airport Code

It’s obvious why Sioux City might want to get rid of its airport code. The city actually petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration twice to change the favorite three-letter designation of 12-year-olds everywhere, but it was offered alternative three-letter designations that didn’t excite anyone. So, Sioux City has decided to embrace SUX, making it the “centerpiece of the airport’s new marketing campaign,” according to the AP. Look for it on T-shirts and hats and online at flySUX.com.


Should I Cut My Dreadlocks Before Traveling to Asia?

Vagabonding traveler Rolf Potts answers your questions about travel

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Luggage We Have Loved

Photo by Michael Yessis

I recently parted ways with a beloved North Face backpack, one that had seen me through seven years of delayed flights, typhoon rains and a would-be pickpocket in Shanghai. Its zippers had broken down irretrievably, the plastic lining was crumbling, and the water bottle pockets had stretched way beyond their usefulness. When I finally surrendered the pack to a recycling truck in Taiwan, I felt a small stab of grief and wondered how I could ever replace it.

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In India, an Antidote to Monsoon Hair Drama

There’s another great slice of life piece—this one from Delhi, India—in the Washington Post’s enlightening Time Zones series. It’s the start of the monsoon season in India, writes Emily Wax, and well-heeled Indians are making their ways to city salons in Delhi to battle a universal enemy—the bad hair day. For both sexes in India, healthy, long hair is a major beauty symbol, and Indians take tress management seriously.

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Ecuadorian Airline Unveils In-Flight Lingerie Shows

And they say the glamour is gone from air travel. In the tradition of the Singapore Girls and Hooters Air, Ecuador’s Icaro Airlines has been parading beautiful women as in-flight entertainment via 10-minute lingerie shows on selected flights. “It was a surprise, really. A very nice surprise,” one passenger on a flight from Quito to Guayaquil told Reuters. “Before the trip was short, now it feels really short.” Reuters has the original video that features, among other things, leering men and at least one visibly uncomfortable woman. Not surprisingly, the video has multiplied across the Internet. (Via The Perrin Post.)

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Photo by abogada samoana, via Flickr (Creative Commons).

Is Your Kilt Up to Code?

Photo by hans s via Flickr (Creative Commons).

When I first heard about a new law related to kilts, I naturally assumed it had something to do with the hordes of kilt-wearing, buttocks-baring Scots now invading Poland. But it turns out the new law has nothing to do with protecting the poor, terrorized Polish men and women who have suffered the indignity of witnessing one too many bare Scottish buttocks. In fact, the law has everything to do with protecting the poor, terrorized, protected species—otters and badgers, to name just two—whose fur has traditionally been used to make sporrans, the little purses often worn with kilts. Kilt wearers, it seems, may now have to get a license for their sporrans. Well that’s great for the otters and badgers. But what about the good people of Poland? Who’s protecting them?

The Woman in the Keffiyeh

kuffiya Photo illustration by Jim Benning.

In southernmost Turkey, women are known as the forbidden ones. So when a beautiful local invited Jeffrey Tayler for a ride on her horse-drawn cart and unmasked herself, he tried not to look. But he failed.

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Invasion of the Kilt-Wearing, Buttocks-Baring Scots!

Photo by hans s via Flickr (Creative Commons).

Our hearts go out to the nation of Poland. Groups of kilt-wearing, underwear-challenged Scottish men drawn to cheap beer are apparently invading the country, getting loaded and, adding insult to injury, yes, lifting their kilts. “It’s easy to spot these so-called ‘tourists’ from a mile off,” sniffed one local paper. Now, authorities are considering changes to the law. According to Scotsman.com: “In the city of Wroclaw, in the south-west of Poland, officials are exploring a kilt ban after being horrified by groups of drunk Scottish men who lifted their kilts to strangers to reveal their buttocks. Local police admit they have been unable to control the groups of maurauding Scots, despite complaints from outraged locals and fed-up bar owners, who claim Scots are rowdy, break glasses and leave pub toilets in a shocking state.”

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