Ten Great Travel Twitter Tweets for May

Lists: What makes a good travel tweet? Here are 10 favorites from the past month.

06.01.09 | 5:35 PM ET


After all the talk about whether to Twitter from the road and how best to go about it, we started keeping an eye out for particularly good travel tweets.

Here, in no particular order, are 10 more memorable tweets from the past month that evoke a sense of place, or that offer some humor or insight about the travel experience.

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Wide awake in Tokyo.No cell phone, have reverted to writing in a notebook. Sample: Everything is amazing here, I have no idea whats going on

I had to go all the way to Brussels, Belgium to find a Tampa Bay Devil Rays fan. They do exist!

ANYONE who approaches you in the street and keeps pace with you is a tout, no matter how innocent they may appear at first

Well, this is a first for me: working away inside a bed net, with a mosquito coil burning on the nightstand. I feel so explorer-ish.

Shd be dabbling toes in Big Sur River instead of firing up iPhone after day in cell-free zone, but taking off electronic leash isn’t easy!

Yes, really, I went to a hypnotist to get over fear of flying—best money I ever spent. Is it hocus-pocus? Maybe, but it worked for me.

I had to brake to avoid running over a pigeon. You have wings, why are you walking in the middle of the road?

I was slide-tackled by a 4’10 asian woman during tense negotiations over a Dolce and Gabbana trenchcoat in Beijing’s silk market.

RoadTrip Montana: overlooking Blain Lake as thunder rumbles over Glacier to the north. The deer prick their ears.

Angkor Wat transported back in time, hoping for enlightening conversation with monk, instead he asked to swap email addresses (Via @lonelyplanet)

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6 Comments for Ten Great Travel Twitter Tweets for May

Armando Limon 06.01.09 | 10:14 PM ET

Great idea! My favorite

I had to brake to avoid running over a pigeon. You have wings, why are you walking in the middle of the road?

The architecture of simple moments is what makes a trip significant

Greetings from MEXICO

Nick Rowlands 06.02.09 | 6:40 AM ET

Thanks for including my sneaky touts! 

All of the tweets are fantastic, but anything involving jaywalking chickens, slide-tackling Asian women, or cyber-monks, is always gonna grab my attention.  Brilliant!


Sam Clark 06.02.09 | 4:17 PM ET

I think these tweets make the case: if these are the 10 best then travel tweets add nothing to world except more fuzzy noise…  Alright, I’ll give notorious meg an honourable exception - that one is actually pretty good.

Chris 06.02.09 | 8:56 PM ET

So, did Sophia send that tweet while she was still driving?

Sophia Dembling 06.04.09 | 11:23 AM ET

Nope, I am not that coordinated. I don’t even talk on the phone while I’m driving, I think I was in a parking lot.

I did, however, compose in my head while I was driving.

Marilyn Terrell 06.05.09 | 11:44 AM ET

I love this tweet roundup of some of my favorite folks to follow on Twitter, but you know what’s ironic? You don’t offer a Twitter button in your Share This icon.  Come on, Michael and Jim, get with the program! (I’m calling the kettle black—the blog I write for doesn’t either).

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