World Hum’s 21 Most Read Features of 2009

Lists: A recap of the most-clicked feature stories we published during the last year

12.29.09 | 11:03 AM ET

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21) Living Among Incompatibles
Why Japan has the best mind Pico Iyer has encountered in a lifetime of traveling

20) 12 Great Summer Vacation Movies
Eva Holland and Eli Ellison missed out on some prime tanning time to dig up the finest summer travel flicks

19) Eight Reasons Why Canada Isn’t Boring
The nation that brought us Don Cherry and seal flipper pie is anything but dull. Eva Holland explains.

18) Odd Jobs: Interview With the Pigeon Chaser
David Farley meets the man behind a hotel’s pigeon-free zone in Jaipur, India

17) ‘You’re American? I Should Kill You!’
To most of his roommates at his United Arab Emirates apartment, Cory Eldridge was an exotic American. To one of them, the Iraqi who’d been held at Abu Ghraib prison, he was “President Bush.”

16) Che: The Ronald McDonald of Revolution
Rolf Potts examines the clichés of the revolutionary’s admirers and detractors

15) Twitter Tips from 25 Tweeting Travelers
We asked some of our favorite travel tweeters for their best tips for using Twitter on the road

14) Slumming It: Can Slum Tourism Be Done Right?
Eric Weiner on the intersection of place, politics and culture

13) How to Write a Bad Travel Story
Sure, you could write a compelling story. But why, when you could just as easily write a snoozer? David Farley explains.

12) Why We Travel
In a classic essay, Pico Iyer explores the reasons we leave our beliefs and certainties at home to see the world with open eyes

11) Interview With Charles Runnette: ‘Confessions of a Travel Writer’
Michael Yessis asks the host of a new Travel Channel show about travel writing, strip searches and whether he really has a dream job

10) On the Perils of Travel Writing
David Farley broke into the New York Times with a story about an eccentric Italian village. When he returned, he feared being chased out by torch-bearing villagers.

9) How to Stay at a Love Hotel in Japan
Want a memorable pay-by-the-hour experience? Lisa Gay explains the ins and outs of a stay at the famous Japanese love nests.

8) Non-Places and the End of Travel
Frank Bures on airports, Dubai and Marc Augé‘s “Non-Places: An Introduction to Supermodernity”

7) The Perfect Traveler
He was cool, steady and prone to breaking rules. Pico Iyer celebrates the life and work of Somerset Maugham.

6) Best Cities to Drink Coffee
Terry Ward takes a look at seven of the best cities in the world to sit and sip

5) The Death of the Idyll
Frank Bures on “The Wisdom of Tuscany” and the last, dying gasp of a travel book genre

4) Odd Jobs: The Grill Walker
David Farley meets a guy in Berlin who sells sausages from a grill strapped to his body

3) Eight Books You Shouldn’t Travel Without
Build bigger back muscles! Get more out of every trip! Quasi-Luddite Frank Bures explains.

2) Six Tips for Introverted Travelers
You don’t have to be an extrovert to enjoy travel. Sophia Dembling explains.

1) Confessions of an Introverted Traveler
Sophia Dembling has a different style of traveling, and she’s tired of hiding it