Mongolia: ‘On the Trail of the World’s True Last Wild Horses’

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  07.12.07 | 8:17 AM ET

imageOn the heels of Deanne Stillman’s story honoring the horses Battle of the Little Bighorn comes another interesting piece, this one from a spot on the other side of the world: Mongolia. The country has more horses—an estimated 3 million—than people. The Telegraph’s Sara Evans ventured to the Mongolian plains to see the horses. She writes of the wild creatures known as takhi: “While takhi may come in confectionary colours, their nature is not so sweet. During the mating season, stallions will kick each other to death to gain dominance; when wolves threaten to take foals, takhi will rear fiercely to protect their young; and no man - except, if you believe the legend, Genghis Khan - has ever been able to ride one. Unknown to Europeans until 1878, takhi are as wild as the landscape they live in.”

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Photo of a takhi in Hustai Park, Mongolia by jrubinic, via Flickr (Creative Commons).

4 Comments for Mongolia: ‘On the Trail of the World’s True Last Wild Horses’

Liza 07.13.07 | 8:37 AM ET

They are look so great, so wild and independent creatures… Amazing.

Marc and Olga 08.20.07 | 11:47 PM ET

We got to visit Hustai National Park and see the takhis up close and personal.  They are amazing, and we applaud the Mongolians for making sure they have a place.

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Bob Macdonald 10.14.07 | 9:44 AM ET

I just read a great book on Mongolia called Wild East: Travels in the New Mongolia by Jill Lawless. It was a great prep for my trip there and really captured the buzzy atmosphere of the capital.

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