What We Loved This Week: Old Souvenirs, ‘Moon Belize’ and Granta’s Chicago Issue

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Michael Yessis
Granta’s Chicago issue. I got my hands on a copy last weekend at the Brooklyn Book Festival, and loved what I’ve been able read so far, including stories by Don DeLillo and Aleksander Hemon, and Roger Ebert’s online-only piece A Bar on North Avenue. Also pretty great: Chris Ware’s cover:

granta chicago cover

Eva Holland
I’m back home in Ontario for a couple of weeks, and I’ve been going through some old boxes in the attic. Coming across the one full of mementos from my early travels—postcards, coins, ticket stubs, and of course the odd corny souvenir (Loch Ness monster bobble-head doll, anyone?)—was a thrill.

Joshua Berman
The 8th edition of my book, Moon Belize, was released this week, featuring many new volunteer and alternative tourism opportunities in the country. My favorite is the new “chocolate trail” in southern Belize’s Toledo District.

Jim Benning
The New Age of Adventure, the new book from National Geographic that collects 25 travel and adventure stories from Adventure magazine. I’ve loved every piece I’ve read, from Tim Cahill’s “The Lure of Impossible Places” to Michael Shnayerson’s “The Man Who Walked Through Time,” about Sir Wilfred Thesiger.

Terry Ward
Finally braving the concept of the wechseldusche here at home (rough translation from German is ‘contrast shower’), and on my own free will. For Germans, it’s common to finish your daily shower with an icy blast of water, particularly as part of the sauna routine. They like to say it’s beneficial to health. As someone who likes her showers consistently hot, I’ve always found it a form of torture. But this morning I did the wechseldusche thing (guess I’m missing Germany), and I have to admit, it’s an invigorating start to the day. Especially in no-sign-of-fall Florida.

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Borneoboy 09.20.09 | 9:02 PM ET

I’ve always loved Granta when I was able to read it. Sadly back in Kuching it is amost impossible to find.

Lola 09.21.09 | 10:24 AM ET

Currently reviewing “The New Age of Adventure” myself. The cover photo alone sends chills.
Great book.

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