What We Loved This Week: The Dead Sea, Diving the Azores and ‘I Want to be a Travel Writer’

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Terry Ward
Diving through lava formations under the shadow of Pico’s volcano in the central islands group of the Azores. On many a Transatlantic crossing, I’ve wondered what the Azores (about two hours’ flying time from Lisbon and just a five-hour flight from Boston) were like. “A mini New Zealand in the Atlantic,” a Portuguese friend had told me before my visit. From the rolling green hills, rocky windswept beaches and towering volcanoes to the fine local cheeses, shellfish and wine, I agree.

Photo by Nuno Sá

Jim Benning
State-of-the-art infrastructure. I was in Germany this past week for the Society of American Travel Writers’ conference. It was refreshing to travel in a country that not only invests in its airports and train stations, but does so with serious style. Below: the view from inside Berlin’s beautiful main train station. Berlin Hauptbahnhof opened in 2006.

Photo by Jim Benning

Michael Yessis
I got a few belly laughs out of this “I want to be a travel writer” video that made a splash among travel writers:

Joel Carillet
I left Tel Aviv with a friend about midnight and 90 minutes later we were at the Dead Sea, knowing that 99.99% of the population was at a higher elevation than us as we swam under stars. We shared a couple beers, listened to the lapping waves, and we talked for hours, retreating back to Tel Aviv only when our mineral-slimed bodies began to burn in the desert sun—which was at about 8 a.m.

Photo by Joel Carillet

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Sea 10.16.10 | 4:00 AM ET

Wow!!! What a beautiful Pictures ... I like it…& I also love Deep Sea Diving…Thanks

A Dead sea diver 10.17.10 | 4:24 AM ET

just think of diving and explore the underwater view of that Dead sea…

not only the desert above but the salty crystals under…

Dead Sea Diver

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