Destination: Minneapolis-St. Paul

The World at Home

After years on the move, Frank Bures returned to Minnesota. Now, in his Minneapolis neighborhood, he finds himself transported across the globe.

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Where We’re Eating: Tel Aviv, Minneapolis, New York City

Find yourself in Tel Aviv, Minneapolis, or the Big Apple and not sure where to eat? Try these restaurants:

Montefiore, Tel Aviv
Set in a restored 1930s building (on the ground floor of the hip new boutique hotel of the same name), this Tel Aviv eatery infuses Mediterranean ingredients with Vietnamese dishes to mouthwatering success. The consome with silky foie gras ravioli is a must.

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Eating Like a Viking in Minneapolis

Eating Like a Viking in Minneapolis Photo by kalleboo via Flickr, (Creative Commons)
Photo by kalleboo via Flickr, (Creative Commons)

The first indication I knew I was in trouble was when the waitress told me I was the youngest person to order the dish since they put it on the menu a month ago. And I’m 37. The second—and the worst part—occurred when the dish actually arrived. Staring at me from a plus-sized plate was a variation on the theme of pale: diced boiled potatoes, golf ball-sized pearl onions, lefse (a flatbread not unlike lavash or tortilla), a thimble of butter, and, the plate’s tour de force, a three-inch quivering gelatinous beast. Otherwise known as lutefisk.

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Catherine Watson: “Roads Less Traveled”

catherine watson Photo of Catherine Watson courtesy of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Michael Yessis talks with the pioneering editor and writer about serendipity, travel as education and why travelers should talk to everyone they can, especially the quiet people

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