Spud Hilton

Which Way to the Promenade?

On the changing cruise industry and the joys of promenades past

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The Deceptive Magic of Travel Photography

If you've seen it in a guidebook, that elusive, perfect view must really exist. Right?

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Seeking the Holy Grail? Try Valencia.

Valencia Spain iStockPhoto

Breaking news: Spud Hilton has unlocked one of the world's greatest secrets

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The Fine Art of Place-Dropping

With a subtle, well-crafted remark about your last trip, you, too, can win friends and influence people!

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Give Me a Guide who Offers Flavor, Not Facts

On the times when a little "flexibility" with dates and definitions can be a good thing

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The Benefits of Being Directionally Challenged

On getting lost, and getting lost in the moment

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Sometimes a Language Barrier Isn’t One

On the benefits of language barriers in a Tunisian rug shop

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