Tom Swick

Let Us Now Praise Tour Guides

Here's to the men and women willing to go off script

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Travel Morality Tales

Travel Morality Tales Screen shot from commercial for DIRECTV

Parsing the hidden travel advice in two DirecTV commercials

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Mr. Suitcase

On the trauma of luggage gone astray (and how an inconvenience turned into an obsession)

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Tourists in Heat

Tourists in Heat iStockPhoto

Ten tips for how to stay cool while traveling in an increasingly hot planet. (#2: Choose countries with cold soup.)

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How High Was the Water, Mama?

After the flood, Nashville sings its way out of trouble

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The Evocative Game

The Evocative Game Adnan Abidi/Reuters

On a traveler's divided loyalties during the World Cup

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The Roads Home

The Roads Home Photo by Nicholas_T via Flickr (Creative Commons)

On a bi-coastal life amid the bridges of the Delaware River

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Waiting for Oil in the Florida Keys

Waiting for Oil in the Florida Keys iStockPhoto

On a visit to the islands, where some are now contemplating the unthinkable

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Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen iStockPhoto

On what might happen when a travel writer takes the podium

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The Sweetness of Brazil

The Sweetness of Brazil iStockPhoto

In the World Heritage city of Ouro Preto, on Brazil's fine appreciation of life's everyday gifts

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Not a Tourist

On the evolving role of the travel writer in the age of mass tourism and YouTube

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Travel Cartoon: A Tourist Taken Too Soon

At the drawing board

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Foreign Tube

international TV Photo by Tom Swick

On the pleasures of watching television in a faraway place

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Traveling (and Writing) Free and Easy

On press trips and the ethics of travel writing in the digital age

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Travel Predictions for 2010

This just in: The Jersey shore will become the new Hamptons!

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