Destination: Yangon (Rangoon)

Finding Trouble in Asia: Let Us Count the Ways

Finding Trouble in Asia: Let Us Count the Ways Photo by kwanz via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Is it me, or has it been a surreal few months for Americans in Asia? Guidebook writers and State Department travel monitors, take note: a few new travel “don’ts” have entered the lexicon. To recap, here’s what we know not to do next time we journey East.

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Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

Devotees crowd the Shwedagon Pagoda during the Kason watering festival in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

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Visit Myanmar—That’s an Order

Visit Myanmar—That’s an Order Photo by Stephen Brookes

Travel to Myanmar has slowed to a trickle. But a decade ago, with great fanfare, the government launched a new tourism campaign. Stephen Brookes, then Rangoon bureau chief for Asia Times, remembers its bizarre launch ceremony.

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Under the Banyan Tree

Under the Banyan Tree Photo by Adam Karlin.

The dictators call it Myanmar. For the first time since they crushed the Saffron Revolution, Adam Karlin traveled to the country he calls Burma -- and home.

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Sleepless in Rangoon

Sleepless in Rangoon Photo by Tom Downey.

On his second visit in four years to the same Burmese pagoda, Tom Downey embraces his jet lag and revels in travel's power to reveal change

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Burma’s Ongoing Cycle of Despair

Burma’s Ongoing Cycle of Despair Photo by Rolf Potts

Burma was once known as the "Golden Land" by Western adventurers. Not any longer. Under a tyrannical regime, the country's spiritual and de facto political leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, languishes in prison. For her 60th birthday, Jeff Greenwald has a gift idea.

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