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The Birth of a Travel Anthem: ‘Born to Run’

Slate takes a look back at the making of the song, which landed in the sixth spot on our list of the top 40 travel songs.

Here, in case you need a refresher, is Springsteen live in 1975:

Because Underdogs Rock

Sussex County, New Jersey Photo of Sussex County, New Jersey by Nicolas_T, via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Growing up in New Jersey, you, quickly, understand what it’s like to live as the underdog. My poor home state. Its wonders are frequently overlooked. Isn’t that just a place where people who commute to NYC live? It’s an easy punchline for most outsiders. New Jersey. Heh heh. Snicker snicker.

Yes, I’ll admit that, once I went off to college (Boston—another underdog place), I made Jersey jokes and laughed along the millionth tired time somebody asked me what exit? I made it clear that I hated Springsteen, that hair bands were evil and that my aesthetic leanings were more Manhattan than Jersey. I vowed never to return (permanently) to the Garden State. But graduating into the lovely economic climate of 1992, well, plans changed. I ended up back at my parents’ house in Teaneck, commuting into Manhattan via NJ Transit’s 167 bus.

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World Hum’s Top 40 Travel Songs of All Time

World Hum’s Top 40 Travel Songs of All Time Photo by John Tino

We traveled. We listened. We voted. These are the tunes that best capture the spirit of the road.

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Me and Bruce in Barcelona

Michael Yessis went for a walk in Spain and stumbled upon a Bruce Springsteen concert rehearsal -- and an international band of devotees.

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