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Jan Morris Reveals her Favorite Cities

She fields this question in the Guardian: What is her favorite of them all?

Dear God, what a question! To my mind cities are distillations of human life itself, in all its nuances, with all its contradictions and anomalies, changing from one year to another, changing with the weather, changing with history, changing with the state of the world, changing above all in one’s own personal responses. How can I have a favourite? Sometimes I prefer one city, sometimes another. Inconstancy governs my responses to cities—fidelity in personal matters, promiscuity in civic affairs.

Morris does have a ready answer, though, when asked about her least favorite city: Indianapolis. (Via @ben_coop)

Pilots Charge US Airways With ‘Program of Intimidation’ to Cut Fuel Use

On Monday we noted a newspaper story about airlines filling their planes with less fuel to save money. Now comes a particularly troubling report: US Airways’ pilots’ union claims its pilots are under pressure from the airline to use less fuel than they believe to be safe.

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Hong Kong International Named World’s Best Airport

Pico Iyer once wrote that “Setting foot in Hong Kong’s new airport was the first time I felt I was stepping into the 21st century.” Others clearly agree: Hong Kong International has just been named the world’s best airport—for the seventh time—based on a passenger survey conducted by a U.K. consulting firm that collected a whopping 8 million responses. Coming in second and third: Singapore’s Changi Airport and Seoul’s Incheon Airport.

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Photo of Hong Kong International Airport by ztij0 via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

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