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Playing the ‘Mzungu Crazy Card’ in Zanzibar

In the Ottawa Citizen, Rebecca Hall muses about the “incredibly freeing” nature of being an outsider in Zanzibar. She writes:

I called it the Mzungu Crazy Card (mzungu is the Swahili term used to identify, varyingly, white people, foreign people, Europeans and magicians). As one of a handful of expatriates living on the Tanzanian archipelago, Zanzibar, everything I did incited laughter. Everything I did was “crazy,” and treated as such. I haggled for a mango in the market. I asked for tea without sugar at work. Crazy! I asked for tea with sugar at work. Still crazy.

On Tanzanian Time

tanzania clock tower Photo by Frank Bures.

In a land where they have a name for people who are always in a hurry -- Mzungu! -- Frank Bures meditates on the art of slowing down

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