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Don George Writes his Commencement Address

In the span of a recent week, Don George attended his son’s high school graduation ceremony and his daughter’s college graduation ceremony.

He writes:

“[I]t made me want to write my own Commencement Address, to synthesize into some permanent word-granules whatever wisdom I’ve accumulated in my five-plus decades on this planet. In some ways it felt like my last opportunity to convey something essential, important, life-bonding, to my kids.

And so he did. His five lessons, all gleaned from his travels and applicable in all aspects of life, are in the new issue of Recce, which also features a classic Tim Cahill tale.

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Suffering From “American Vertigo”

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Suffering From “American Vertigo” Photograph of Bernard-Henri LÚvy by Thierry Dudoit/L'Express/Editing.

Terry Ward asks France's rock star philosopher, BHL, about his journey in Tocqueville's footsteps and the value of traveling par hasard

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