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Bare at the Baths

Bare at the Baths Photo by Giam via Flickr (Creative Commons)

It was Conor Friedersdorf's last day in Budapest, and he'd forgotten his bathing suit. He opted for an audacious solution.

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Naked, With a Passport

Naked, With a Passport iStockPhoto

Alison Stein Wellner considers her willingness to strip down overseas at appropriate moments as her "real traveler" badge of honor. But what's "appropriate"?

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Photo You Must See: Snow Monkey in a Hot Spring

Photo You Must See: Snow Monkey in a Hot Spring REUTERS/Pablo Sanchez
REUTERS/Pablo Sanchez

A Japanese macaque (sometimes called a snow monkey) soaks in a hot spring in Yamanouchi.

Seaweed, Hotels and the Vancouver Olympics

Seaweed, Hotels and the Vancouver Olympics Photo by sashafatcat via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Shangri-La, Vancouver. Photo by sashafatcat via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Today I’m on the west coast of Vancouver Island breaking open the pod from some seaweed and squeezing the gel inside of it over my hands. Ew. Wait. I mean: so natural and healing! Diane Bernard, the self-styled “seaweed lady,” harvests the stuff here, advising spa directors and chefs what might work in their treatments or food, respectively. (We already sampled some seaweed that was begging to be stuffed with blue cheese and plopped into a martini). The gel from this particular strain of seaweed works like aloe, soothing the skin.

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Feeling Seasonable?

Four Season, Houston. Photo by alan5o5 via Flickr (Creative Commons)

So, let’s talk Four Seasons. Not the actual seasons—we’re getting plenty of winter fun here in New York—but the hotel chain. Worldwide, the Four Seasons is luring guests with third-night-free packages at about 40 properties. The offer’s ubiquity is what makes it such a value, though you should hurry as it expires come the end of March.

Down in Texas, you needn’t even spend the night to get a taste of Four Season goodness. The Houston and Austin properties have special offers for visitors who want to check out the facilities. Austin’s package features a massage, lunch and day-long use of the steam room for about $160 bucks; in Houston, you can drop $20 for access to the pool on weekends. Depends on how much you’re spending on a day at the spa in the first place, but should your plan to survive the economic downturn involve finding a sugar mommy or daddy, the outlay may prove worth your while.

Around the Globe with No Clothes On

Michael Yessis visited seven countries in less than three hours -- all without a swimsuit -- at Spa World, Japan's kitschiest, most worldly spa.

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