Nine Great Stories About New Orleans

Lists: To mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we've collected stories from our archives that explore the city's heartbreak, passion and rebirth

08.26.10 | 10:32 AM ET

Photo by Wayne Curtis

Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?
Kate Hahn shares her only souvenir of The Big Easy: the memory of a city that showed her how to let go

The Places We Find Ourselves
Her official title was faculty sponsor. But in the confusion of post-Katrina New Orleans, Kristin Van Tassel realized the slippery nature of the roles we all play.

New Orleans Rocks
With the famed Jazz & Heritage Festival approaching, Barry Yeoman explores the city’s wide-ranging music scene

Do Not Demolish
Kevin Fay recently joined voluntourists still helping to rebuild New Orleans-area homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Judy’s house was waiting for him.

The Haunting Houses of New Orleans
Four years later, the city still reels from Hurricane Katrina. Allison Chipak captures some of the destruction and decay that still remains.

Interview With Allison Chipak: Photographing Katrina’s Destruction, Four Years Later
Michael Yessis asks Allison Chipak about her haunting images of New Orleans and the state of the city for travelers

Yeah You Right: A New Orleans Manifesto
After spending two months in NOLA writing a guidebook, Adam Karlin reflects on what makes the city as indispensable to the U.S. as Yellowstone and Manhattan

New Orleans: It’s About to Get Weirder
After a landmark mayoral election and the Saints’ Super Bowl win, Adam Karlin believes the spirit of NOLA is undergoing a tectonic shift.

On Becoming a Tour Guide
Not just any tour guide. Wayne Curtis passed the drug test and is now officially licensed in New Orleans. You are now required to believe everything he says—even that bit about Brad Pitt.

2 Comments for Nine Great Stories About New Orleans

John M. Edwards 08.29.10 | 1:20 PM ET

Hi Worldhum:

After spending five years in pre-Katrina New Orleans I find my favorite story to be “Hassan”:

I was at a party in my dorm at Tulane University when one of my inebriated classmates burst through my door and said, “Man, Bess is blowing chunks in the bathroom.”

Hassan, an exchange student from Lebanon, replied, with some excitement, “Who is this Chunks?!”

John M. Edwards

Laura 09.02.10 | 12:35 PM ET

Sometimes it seems like we forget what New Orleans used to be and the reason it is the way that it is today.  While there is no use living in the past, remembering what has happened there and honoring the city are necessary and right.  Thanks for these great stories!

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