Top Five Songs We Wouldn’t Want to Hear in Space

Lists: Thanks to Virgin Galactic, Spandau Ballet could become the first band to perform in space. That got us thinking.

12.15.09 | 12:34 PM ET


Word is that Spandau Ballet will become the first band to play in space. According to a report in the Daily Mail (and blogged by Gadling), the band has been recruited by space tourism pioneer and Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson to perform on the company’s Enterprise ship when space trips commence in 2012. Among the songs the band could perform is its hit, “True.”

That got us thinking about space tourism and pop songs we really wouldn’t want on our iPods in space. Herewith, our top five.

5. ‘Ashes to Ashes’ by David Bowie

Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is an obvious choice for our list, but we’re going with “Ashes to Ashes,” in which we learn Major Tom’s fate: “We all know Major Tom’s a junkie, strung out in heavens high, hitting an all-time low.” That’s just sad.

4. ‘Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)’ by They Might Be Giants

Davy Crockett survives his journey into outer space, but not before having to defend himself against a robot drone programmed to destroy Davy’s home. That would frighten us.

3. ‘Twilight Zone’ Theme Song

The spare number was a great intro to the classic television series, but it’s way too creepy to listen to in space.

2. ‘Rocket Man’ performed by William Shatner

Elton John’s “Rocket Man” is a lovely song, but it’s a serious downer. In William Shatner’s hands, it’s beyond depressing. It’s a train wreck.

1. ‘Free Bird’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd

‘Nuff said.

What songs would you really not like to hear in outer space? Do tell.

13 Comments for Top Five Songs We Wouldn’t Want to Hear in Space

blahblah 12.15.09 | 1:52 PM ET

Anything by Nickelback.

Justin 12.15.09 | 2:41 PM ET

‘Intergalactic’ - Beastie Boys…

Dee 12.15.09 | 4:31 PM ET

“Major Tom” by Peter Schilling

Michael Yessis 12.15.09 | 4:33 PM ET

I’m with you on “Intergalactic,” Justin. It missed the final cut here, but it’s still worthy of us not listening to it in space.

Mike Barish 12.15.09 | 4:49 PM ET

R.E.M.‘s “Man on the Moon.” In space, you can still hear Michael Stipe scream.

Chris 12.15.09 | 7:01 PM ET

I’d say anything from Rob Zombie is not zero-g material.

And I speak for all Alabamians when I say I am offended by your refusal to play some Skynyrd. :-)

TambourineMan 12.15.09 | 10:02 PM ET

Don’t want to hear:
“Starrider” by Foreigner
(spacy 70s wimp rock, though I’d take this over Branson’s precious Spandau boys)

“Thus Spoke Zarathustra” fanfare, by Richard Strauss
(so cliche, hearing this in space would give me douche-chills)

Do want to hear:
“Interstellar Overdrive” by Pink Floyd
(Sir, coffee, tea, or LSD?)

dining room table 12.15.09 | 10:49 PM ET

It would be probably anything from Adam Lambert. Just for a change. No Adam in space.

areapal 12.16.09 | 7:51 AM ET

Out of 5 song “Twilight zone” theme song is best.

Abby Schmelling 12.16.09 | 4:33 PM ET

Hal’s Theme from 2001-A Space Odessey

Wendy 12.18.09 | 2:42 AM ET

I don’t want to hear all of them.

Darrin 12.18.09 | 7:27 PM ET

Wow.  Shatner’s take on ‘Rocket Man’ isn’t that suitable for listening to on earth either.

yokis 12.19.09 | 11:23 PM ET

wats the name if the song or tune or watever that has 5 notes and that asccends gradually? i hate that i dnt no it but u no i just want 2 no the name

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