Five Photos: Machu Picchu, Peru

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Eliot 02.03.10 | 6:59 AM ET

Some beautiful pics, but clearly taken very early in the morning because the place is pretty much deserted. Normally, it’s like walking around Disneyland. Although that’s not the only reason to consider checking out less populated ruins.

Roberto 02.07.10 | 12:49 PM ET

With out question a big Disney attraction. I made it my goal, at Machu Picchu, to get a many shot without people as possible. I had a great day and stayed away from the tourist mass. It is a big place and I found lots of hiding places and plenty of good photos. But alas, it is not accessible for a while. so check out a photo essay of mine about the perks of having Machu Picchu all to yourself.


GB 02.10.10 | 11:14 AM ET

I would not call it a “Disney Attraction”. I for one had a great time at Machu Picchu and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There are so many great trails around Machu Picchu that offer views better then Machu Picchu. What about Huayna Picchu? That was great and not a lot of people.

The town’s disco can be a quite a scene at night… One of those things that you have to experience.

The best part about visiting Machu Picchu is that you do not have to camp and that you can stay at a Five-Star Hotel minutes from Machu Picchu. Sumaq Hotel is the perfect place to relax after exploring Machu Picchu all day.

Worldwide travel recommendations 02.10.10 | 1:37 PM ET

It’s true about the crowds at Machu Pichu…but all of these folks go there because it’s a great place (and because it’s on the 7 wonders list).

As most probably know, Machu Pichu is inaccessible due to bad weather which washed out the railroad a few weeks ago, though I see Travelhum had an article posted today about this, indicating that there are some workarounds which could enable visits again soon. Right now (Feb) is not a very good time to be down there anyway; weather gets better around May.

the candy trail ... 02.14.10 | 1:30 PM ET

Hi ... I was there in 2002 and even then it was still a circus, between 10am to 3 pm, when bus tours descended.

However, to avoid this the 3 day trek to the ruins is nice as you arrive from the top and early so you can some space and take those empty photos. When it gets busy, head up to sit around atop of Huayna Picchu and take in the views, then when the crowds go you have the late hours of MP to yourself up to closing.

Then on a second day, go around the back of teh site to the temples of the moon, totally ingored by tourists, and agin return to teh site in the late hours.

Better still, after MP, keep walking down the valley and go to the last ever Inca city at Vilcabamba ... deserted in jungle, no tourists, no entry fees, tranquil ...

the candy trail ... on the road across the planet, since 1988

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