Kinglake, Australia

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australia fires REUTERS/Mick Tsikas

A vehicle is seen near the remains of a house destroyed by bushfires is seen in the town of Kinglake, 34 miles northeast of Melbourne. Australian bushfires have killed more than 100 people and burnt hundreds of homes in the worst fire disaster in three decades.

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REUTERS/Mick Tsikas

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Backpackers Sydney 03.09.09 | 6:02 PM ET

We are all devastated by the effect of these fires and are saddened to hear that they were deliberately lit.  We have put together a fund and been collecting money for the survivors of this tragedy many of whom have been left with absolutely NOTHING.  We would encourage anyone who feels that they can contribute to do so - the charity we chose to donate to was the Australian Red cross, who are promising to give the largest amount of all donations directly to the victims!

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