A Beach Holiday in The Gambia?

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  10.13.09 | 10:49 AM ET

Photo by Victoria Reay via Flickr (Creative Commons)

I’ve always admired the Brits for their more adventurous winter sun-seeking. Every winter, it seems they’re as likely to be found lounging in Kenya or the Seychelles as in the usual Caribbean hot spots—and, once again, the U.K. travel media is going way beyond Cancun with this Times Online profile of a little-known (to North Americans, anyway) West African beach destination. Writer Alex Spence notes: “There are only six sets of traffic lights and a couple of ATMs in the entire country.” Take that, Puerto Plata.

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2 Comments for A Beach Holiday in The Gambia?

Tatil 10.14.09 | 9:17 AM ET

The tropical sunshine and uncrowded coastline make it a wonderful destination for a holiday.  You could easily find yourself whiling away the hours relaxing on one of Gambia’s palm-fringed beaches.Bijilo Beach

This is a wonderfully unspoilt long sandy stretch of sand with only a couple of smaller hotels here and no beach bars or restaurants. It is really empty except for the odd fruit seller - perfect for a relaxing day.erken rezervasyon


The beach outside the Senegambia and Kairaba Hotels is currently a wide area of sand leading down to the ocean.Tatil

Erken Rezervasyon 10.14.09 | 9:18 AM ET


Another wide sandy beach which is fairly flat although not a very deep beach in terms of distance to the ocean. The area outside the Sunset Beach can change quite dramatically depending on the direction of the Kotu stream.


This area of coastline is quite dramatic with red rock cliffs interspersed with small beaches. Care should be taken if swimming in this area.


The beach here is fairly sheltered but has some rocky areas wth beach bars dotted along the bay - very popular for a day trip.

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