Arthur Frommer on Mexico, Travel and ‘Irrational Fear’

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  10.20.09 | 10:51 AM ET

Here’s some more good news for Mexico’s embattled tourism industry: Arthur Frommer has added his voice to the “No really, Mexico is safe for travelers” contingent. In a recent blog post, Frommer admits that hearing about his daughter’s planned trip to Mexico gave him a moment of fear and worry—but he goes on to explain why that fear was largely irrational, noting that she “returned singing the praises of Mexican vacationing and stressing the relative calm of the country.”

Of course, there could be more at work here than just knee-jerk concern about Mexico. After all, don’t parents—even guidebook-publishing parents of grown children—always worry when their kids travel overseas? As Rick Steves noted in our interview with him awhile back, “It’s natural for a parent to be nervous ... I just have to always reason with myself and think, I was 18 and my parents were freaking out and I was capable at the time.”

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Kathleen 10.21.09 | 12:43 PM ET

Parents freaking out?  You bet!!  We knew we had to trust our daughter and let her take her week’s vacation in Cancun but we still wanted to have some control over the situation.  So we arranged for her and her friends to stay in a timeshare that we rented through  We were able to really check out the resorts and find one we thought would be the best for her as far as safety is concerned.  We sent her to Avalon Grand Resort - an inclusive resort that had everything the kids would want to do right there, and was also within close walking distance of other nightlife so they didn’t have to go far afield.  This resort also had a good security set-up.  Thank heavens.

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