Catching Up With Rolf Potts

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  11.26.08 | 1:05 PM ET

World Hum columnist Rolf Potts has been busy. He recently hosted a Thanksgiving-related show for the Travel Channel called “American Pilgrim,” which aired Monday. He’s been touring in support of his new book, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There. And he was the subject of a recent Poets & Writers profile, penned by World Hum’s book editor, Frank Bures. The story just became available online and it not only offers insight into Rolf’s writing career, but it nicely describes the travel publishing landscape at the moment. Writes Bures:

On one hand, there are articles in which everything goes well, the colors are bright, the food is delicious, and the locals are invariably friendly. These articles, what Potts and other travel writers call “destination stories,” make people want to go somewhere. On the other hand, there are essays that have characters and a plot where things go wrong, where readers glimpse the soul of humanity and come out with an expanded view of the world. The reader is transformed along with the writer.

Hear, hear. And with the help of Potts and Frank Bures and other World Hum contributors, we’ll take more of the latter.

For more on Rolf and his new book, check out our recent interview with him.

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