Cheap European Travel Deals Paying Off

Travel Blog  •  Alicia Imbody  •  06.25.09 | 9:28 AM ET

Photo by ninette_luz via Flickr (Creative Commons)

According to Jean-Philippe Pérol, Chairman of the European Travel Commission, “for the first time in many months, global traffic to Europe is growing,” thanks in part to the fact that the dollar is stretching 15 percent further across the pond today than it did a year ago. The boost in primarily leisure travel was also fueled by drastically lower trans-Atlantic fares and packages, like these discount tips just posted by Frommer’s.

Alicia Imbody is a former World Hum intern and an international development consulant based out of Washington D.C.

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Bali Villa 06.25.09 | 11:28 AM ET

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