Chicago Tourism Song Declared a Catastrophe

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  04.27.12 | 12:41 PM ET

Or something close to that. The promotional song, recently released by the city’s tourism organization, is getting slammed, especially in comments on the song’s YouTube page. One example: “It’s like the theme song from an ‘80s sitcom, probably starring Tony Danza, only it’s the muzak version of that song. A milestone in war crime level banality.”

You almost have to wonder if the whole thing is a put-on, made intentionally bad to draw more attention to the city. I mean, it is getting Chicago a lot of press. You be the judge:


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Marilym Terrell 04.29.12 | 9:00 PM ET

Hard to tell - doesn’t have the wacky pizzazz of the Cleveland spoof:

DEK 04.30.12 | 6:57 AM ET

That is pretty awful.  Does the Toddlin’ Town really need a new song, or was there just money for it in the budget and if there’s money in the budget then there is something to skim off?  A culturally alive city like Chicago can spin off all the songs it needs without a government appropriation; with a government appropriation you get stuff like this.  Popes and Prince-Bishops knew how to spend their own money on culture and gave us Mozart and the Renaissance; politicians spending someone else’s money give us this.

Ego 05.05.12 | 9:34 AM ET

Yep, sounds like Umph. I dig it.

Chris Chinniah 05.28.12 | 12:47 AM ET

Of course, this is a commonly seen situation where a governmental agency decides to do a promotional campaign and somehow manages to come up with the most corny or tacky song ever despite the huge amounts of money backing the campaign. We need some insurance that our money won’t be spent this way.

Chris -

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