Dhani Tackles Poetry: ‘Visions Unwritten’

Travel Blog  •  Dhani Jones  •  05.04.09 | 4:29 PM ET

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NFL linebacker and Renaissance man Dhani Jones hosts the Travel Channel show, Dhani Tackles the Globe.

Like any good Renaissance man, he’s writing poems inspired by the travel experiences featured on each show.

The topic of tonight’s journey: Cambodia.

Visions Unwritten

Every country a new mystery a new place to unravel and understand… Phnom Penh… People to meet and to learn as much as possible… Angkor Wat… Places to go and not be afraid… Things to do and be challenged… Pradal Serey…You land in a country which was destroyed by one man for many years…Khmer Rouge… People missing parts of their body… Family still unfound and children forlorn… An enlightening moment… Breathe deep and feel the poverty touch your soul… Sleeping in the streets… Kids playing on the trash mounds… Tattered houses everywhere you look and an expression in the eyes of those who have welcomed you to say thank you for coming to see what our lives are like…And in the middle an oasis that sits on a large property which is protected well with water and green trees a fresh pool and room service… You think to yourself how can you stay here how can you separate… I’m torn in so many ways by what I see yet I’m so used to the amenities and I wish to survive my mission…4 lane highways that people have no control ... Just travel and get there… No street lights… No lights… Little food, little water…  Just trash… Feral dogs everywhere disease and corruption rampant… A far cry from the big city of New York London and Tokyo…I can’t help but stare… But I want the images burned into my mind so that I may never forget…

Carpe Diem
Makalani ‘09

An NFL linebacker, fashion entrepreneur, environmental philanthropist, community volunteer and all-around Renaissance man, Dhani Jones hosts the Travel Channel show Dhani Tackles the Globe, where he travels the world exploring the ways in which traditional sports help to define culture.

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