JetBlue’s New T5: A Nice Place to Live?

Travel Blog  •  Rob Verger  •  06.09.09 | 10:54 AM ET

Photo by Rob Verger

JetBlue’s terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport sparkles. At a cost of $743 million, the 635,000-square-foot terminal known as T5 opened in October 2008. I’ve passed through it twice and was impressed with how bright and scrubbed clean it felt. And it offers what every terminal needs: free Wi-Fi.

This last detail makes it perfect to work from—perhaps even, for a very short period of time, to live in.

So starting today, with the permission of the good folks at JetBlue, I’ll be living in T5 for 24 hours and blogging about it as I go. I’m not flying anywhere. I’m headed to the airport just for fun and will spend a full day and night writing about the pulse of the place and anything else that comes up.

In the movie “The Terminal,” Tom Hanks’ character Viktor Navorski tells his love interest, the flight attendant played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, that he is “delayed.” The test of all public spaces is how easily and naturally people interact with them, and the true test of an airport terminal is what it’s like for a person to be delayed there. And so, with that in mind, I’ll be purposely and happily delaying myself at T5 for 24 hours.

Follow me here—I’ll be writing a few posts while at T5. I’ll try to Twitter some about it, too. And, if there’s any chance you’re flying through T5 between roughly noon on Tuesday and noon on Wednesday, keep your eye out for me and come on over to say hello.

Rob Verger

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3 Comments for JetBlue’s New T5: A Nice Place to Live?

Julia Ross 06.09.09 | 11:11 AM ET

fun project, Rob. good luck.

Chris 06.09.09 | 2:19 PM ET

“Iím headed to the airport just for fun…”

Something about that phrase is a little disturbing. :-)

Eva Holland 06.09.09 | 3:23 PM ET

Ha, good point Chris. Definitely questionable. Good luck, Rob! Looking forward to it.

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