Jon Krakauer Talks Chris McCandless and Pat Tillman

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  09.18.09 | 1:35 PM ET

In this Daily Beast interview, the “Into the Wild” author talks about his new book on the NFL star-turned-soldier, and what Tillman and McCandless had in common:

They were both uncommonly idealistic. They were both pretty hardass in their ideals and sticking to them. But they chose such different paths—McCandless dropped out of society, while Tillman was all about living in this world and doing your duty. They were both very similar and very different.

Krakauer also explains why “Into the Wild” is his favorite of his four books. (Via The Book Bench)

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Mary Anne Meltzer 09.24.09 | 3:42 AM ET

The first time I saw “Into the Wild,” I loved it. After watching the movie, I thought of Pat Tillman, who I went to High School with. I wanted my husband (who writes tributes on wrestlers and covers mixed martial arts) and brother to see it. My brother watched it and it became a good discussion topic (he lives with a religious family who hated it). My husband never found the time to watch it. Shortly after this, my husband told me that a mixed martial arts fighter, who I really liked, Evan Tanner, had passed away alone in the dessert. My heart sank. Nobody ever really did a tribute to his life and I always felt he deserved one. Perhaps Mr. Jon Krakauer might be the author to do so. Chris, Pat and Evan were all young, very intellegent, deep souls.

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