Machu Picchu to Reopen April 1

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  02.18.10 | 1:29 PM ET


The Peruvian Times is reporting that the iconic site will once again be open to tourists April 1—the first time since last month’s devastating floods. The story also hints at a new approach for Peruvian tourism going forward. Said the president of the Cusco region: “This disaster should give us an opportunity to redesign the tourism activity, we can’t focus everything on Machu Picchu.” (Via @laurably)

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3 Comments for Machu Picchu to Reopen April 1

John Cooper 02.18.10 | 10:39 PM ET

If you have recently come back from this part of Peru, or live there, or know people who live in the Cusco area, please let them know about this site that is gathering information about the current situation in the area. The code behind the website was originally used in the Kenyan elections in 2008, but has since been used all over the world including to keep track of efforts in Haiti.

If you have information, images, stories from the Cusco area please login to the site below and update it.

Worldwide travel recommendations 02.19.10 | 10:59 PM ET

Good to see that Machu Pichu will re-open this quickly, though there’s still lots of good reason to wait a few months before heading down there (e.g. the weather will be better around June; and businesses, transportation and other services should be getting closer to normal).

Ruth@Exodus 02.26.10 | 10:17 AM ET

I am glad to see Machu Pichu will re-open too, but as the president of the Cusco region said there is much more to see in Peru, such as the Cordillera Blanca and Lake Titicaca for example.

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