Meteor Crater, Arizona: National Treasure or Big Hole?

Travel Blog  •  Sophia Dembling  •  01.29.09 | 11:37 AM ET

Meteor CraterPhoto by Sophia Dembling

Meteor Crater in Arizona seemed a very long way off the highway. By the time my husband and I reached it and paid our $15 each admission, we could only agree with the little boy who, standing crater-side with us, turned to his mother and said accusingly, “It’s just a big hole.” Truly, it looked cooler when we saw it from an airplane.

Now the The New York Times reveals us as the philistines we are, in this story about the crater’s wonders. Guess we better return with the proper attitude.

Sophia Dembling

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1 Comment for Meteor Crater, Arizona: National Treasure or Big Hole?

Jenna Schnuer 01.29.09 | 3:25 PM ET

I’m thinking the truth of visiting the hole is probably closer to your “it looked cooler when we saw it from the airplane.” But, then again, I’m kind of biased when it comes to your take on things vs. other people’s take on things. That’s friendship for ya.

One thing made me a little sad about the NY Times piece—they gave away one of the tour guide’s opening jokes. Oh, excuse me, one of his “folksy asides.” Now the poor man will have to think up another one. That could throw his game off for a bit. Tour guide jokes have a great rhythm to them and it’s clear they’ve been repeated over and over and over. That guy’s jokes are as much a part of that site’s history as the crater itself.

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