Mexican Border ‘at its Ugliest Right Now’

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  08.02.10 | 12:17 PM ET

That’s the assessment of Mark Lacey in the New York Times. He appears to have visited Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez for his report.

[A]s I cross back and forth at some of the border’s most troubled points, I find that even a journalist faces scrutiny going both ways. American authorities grilling those entering the United States wonder just what an American could possibly be doing south of the border in this climate. And entering Mexico elicits surprise as well from the American inspectors who now regularly stop southbound cars, looking for gun traffickers and money launderers.

“You sure you want to go down there?” one of them said to me recently.

As I noted a few months ago, Tijuana’s Revolution Avenue, once hopping with American visitors, looks more like a tourist ghost town these days.

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TambourineMan 08.03.10 | 1:40 AM ET

Senor Lacey is a little late to the Border Scare Story party, no? Though I do like the ‘On The Road’ and ‘Touch of Evil’ references.

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