Michelin Goes to Hong Kong and Macau

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  12.05.08 | 6:32 AM ET

Photo by Hamron via Flickr (Creative Commons)

The first-ever Michelin guide to Hong Kong and Macau was released yesterday, and a few restaurants—one in each city—landed the coveted three-star rating. Another 21 Hong Kong eateries received one or two stars, as did five in Macau. The renowned foodie guide publisher made waves earlier this year by granting Tokyo top honors among all Michelin-ranked cities. Given Hong Kong’s strong start this year, and the fact that locals swear the foreign reviewers missed many of the city’s best spots, there may soon be another Asian culinary powerhouse on the Michelin-star horizon. (Via Gadling)

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Sujan P (Australia) 01.16.09 | 1:17 AM ET

Iíve recently visited Hong Kong in the past month and after reading the Michelinís results today, can say Iím extremely disappointed on the fact that Gaddiís did not even earn 1 star let alone 2 or 3 stars!

How can that be? Their service was superb, decor was classic and lastly, their food was heaven. So to hear that they are not on the Michelin list both surprises me and makes me question it.

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