New Travel Book: ‘The Minaret of Djam’ by Freya Stark

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  11.30.10 | 4:26 PM ET

The 1970 hardcover of this Freya Stark classic has been out of print for some time, but a new paperback edition is set to hit bookstores on Dec. 21.

The book recounts Stark’s journey in search of Afghanistan’s Minaret of Jam; the 12th-century relic is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, though at the time Stark visited, it was a recently re-discovered archaeological find. The publisher’s description notes that “Djam is, even today, one of the most inaccessible and remote places in Afghanistan. When Freya Stark traveled there, few people in the world had ever laid eyes on it or managed to reach the desolate valley in which it lies.”

Three of Stark’s books appeared on our list of the 100 most celebrated travel books of all time.

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JJ 12.01.10 | 11:54 AM ET

Interesting through the topic might be, I was rather disappointed by Stark’s other book, “The Valleys of the Assasins”; check out my review at Amazon

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