Not a Bad Time to Be in Ghana

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  06.23.06 | 1:23 PM ET

imageTravel writer Joshua Berman is in the midst of one of those ‘round-the-world trips that would make anyone with remotely itchy feet turn, uh, green with envy. Over the last year, he has passed through Paris, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia. And yesterday, he was in Ghana to see the African nation defeat the United States in a World Cup match. Not surprisingly, as this photo he shot indicates, he found himself in the midst of one serious party.

As he writes in his fine travel blog, under the headline, “Jubilation!” Ghana 2 - USA 1! Everybody’s Dancin’...”:

The images say it all, and I wish I knew how to post the short movie clips I took, so you could hear the drums, the singing, the gourd shakers, and the shouts. I parade through the streets with the PPAG kids, who drape me with yellow-red-and-green flags, hats, and ribbons, and I congratulate everyone I meet, laughing at their taunts of “Don’t cry, Obruni!”

Later, spent and sweaty, and covered with dust, I send Kojo down the block for a basket of beers and sit in front of our house, drinking Castle Milk Stouts with Effo and our neighbor, Uncle John, whose granddaughters dance around us and help us shout to all passerby, “Ghana besha debiya!”

Ghana will always win!

For anyone in need of a vicarious travel thrill, it’s a great entry point into Berman’s online journal.

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