Ohio: The Bedbug State?

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  08.25.10 | 3:09 PM ET

With bedbug infestations apparently on the rise across the country, the Daily Beast has put together a list of the top ten buggiest cities in America—and burgs in Ohio landed in the first, second and eighth spots. If you’re headed to Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, or any of the other cities on the list, you may want to put this retro travel technique to use.

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Bed bug victim 08.31.10 | 2:14 AM ET

It was a terrible experience. When I pull up the mattress, I saw hundreds of these bed bugs moving around. They are trying to hide, because it seems like they are afraid of the light.

Iíve got these bed bugs for almost a year. I keep spraying and washing my cloths. I even threw away lots of my cloths.

That was a really expensive experience, not the mention the lack of sleep that I had for many days. 
I Here is my advice when you have bed bugs:

Donít throw away your mattress immediately; otherwise someone else can get bed bugs.

1.  Buy 3 cans of bed bug spray (you really need that)
2.  Spray your mattress
3.  Seal your mattress with thick plastic mattress cover
(must NOT have any holes, otherwise they can get in and bit you again)
4.  Find the bed bugs in your bed frame and kill them
5.  Spray your bed frame every day for at least 1 week

6.  Wash your bed sheets and blankets with HOT water
7.  Wash all your clothes with HOT water
8.  Dry your clothes in heater (heat can kill bed bugs)
9.  After cleaning, put your cloths in a plastic bag with air zip
10.  Put your bags of cloths in the middle of your house

11.  These are just the basic steps, bed bugs can still hide in the holes and cracks of your wall.

12.  There is moreÖ

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