Pet Airways Begins Flights for Pampered Animals; Humans Still Out of Luck

Travel Blog  •  Alicia Imbody  •  07.15.09 | 12:41 PM ET

Beginning today, Florida-based Pet Airways will fly your critters to and from New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. The new airline promises that pets will be constantly attended to and treated as first-class “pawsengers,” with rates for one-way flights—for Fido only; you’ll have to book on a regular carrier—starting at $149. Representatives are confident that the high prices are well worth it, offering peace of mind against the “severe emotional and physical harm, even death” that can befall your pet traveling in the cargo hold on human-centric flights.

The airline has even started a blog featuring everything from the latest in-flight pet news to expert tips on keeping fit with your dog on the road.

Alicia Imbody is a former World Hum intern and an international development consulant based out of Washington D.C.

5 Comments for Pet Airways Begins Flights for Pampered Animals; Humans Still Out of Luck

Lindsay 07.15.09 | 4:28 PM ET

I love it. This is a much needed service for pet owners!

Ling 07.16.09 | 9:58 AM ET

Won’t last long, if you ask me. It’s the novelty that’s driving the publicity. And just in case it does work out, the big carriers will smell the money, start providing a separate section on each flight reserved for pets only, and that’ll be the end of Pet Airways. Either way, it’s a doomed venture.

Grizzly Bear Mom 07.16.09 | 11:22 AM ET

There already seperate sections for pets only on planes.  It’s called excess baggage or cargo.  It is hot or cold, and noisy.  Pets can be detaited for hours without water.  I sure wouldn’t want to travel there, or like that.  So when I travel my fur kid stays home with his Paw Paw and female grandpawrent (I couldn’t resist!) who clevely choose to live within commuting distance of Newark Airport.

doglovr2 07.31.09 | 11:20 PM ET

I have my dog booked on pet airways this coming week and I am so grateful for it. I am adopting a dog in one state and flying her to her new home (Pet Airways route: Los Angeles-Chicago). It sure beats driving 2000 miles and it is much faster/cheaper. Think about people who show dogs. They’ll love Pet Airways too. This is an idea whose time has come.

Betty 08.13.09 | 9:45 AM ET

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