Photo You Must See: Waving the Algerian Flag

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Algerian soccer fans wave Algerian flag REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Fans of Algeria’s soccer team wave the Algerian flag in Khartoum.

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daniel 11.17.09 | 3:06 PM ET

This is in advance of tomorrow’s match vs Egypt, at a neutral site in Sudan. Talk about a huge game, the winner goes to the World Cup, the loser goes home.

Saturday Algeria had a chance to clinch a spot in the World Cup; a 1-0 loss would even see them through. Egypt needed a 2-0 win to force an extra game, and a 3-0 win to clinch their own World Cup berth. In Cairo the home side scored in the 2nd minute, then off a cross and a header scored in the 94th minute, the 4th minute of extra time. Crowd goes nuts, to say the least, and the city set off fireworks around the stadium. And tomorrow’s game was thence needed.

There’s no love lost between these teams. Upon arrival in Cairo, the bus carrying the Algerian team was attacked and three players were mildly injured. They wanted the game postponed because of security reasons, FIFA said no and just told Egypt to ensure their security. Egypt’s soccer association accused their Algerian counterparts of staging the bus attack.

Security in Khartoum is on high alert:

Tomorrow’s game [as well as 4 do-or-die games in Europe, and one in South America featuring Uruguay and Costa Rica] should be exciting, to say the least.

bayrak 11.27.09 | 3:22 PM ET

good photos Algerian Flag fantastic.

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