R.I.P. Neda Agha-Soltan

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The woman who has become a symbol of Iran’s ongoing protests after her death was caught on video has been identified as Neda Agha-Soltan, 26, a student in Tehran. A tidbit from the compelling Los Angeles Times profile:

She took private classes to become a tour guide, including Turkish-language courses, friends said, hoping to someday lead groups of Iranians on trips abroad. Travel was her passion, and with her friends she saved up enough money for package tours to Dubai, Turkey and Thailand.

(Via Andrew Sullivan)

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Louis-Michel Taillefer 06.23.09 | 2:45 PM ET

In memory of Neda: http://weareallneda.com/

abdul 06.23.09 | 3:49 PM ET

my name is abdul,am somali kenyan,i didn’t know neda but watchin the news and how
she was killed tauch’d me so much, am sending a message of condolence to her father who she
died in his arms and her whole family and her friends may allah rest her soul in peace and grant her
janah fardowsa amiin.

Mali USA 06.23.09 | 6:08 PM ET

In your last moments your eyes looked up to the camera and into the eyes of the world.  We looked into your eyes and we won’t forget.

Garry Anderson 06.23.09 | 6:32 PM ET

I was horrified to see the death of such a beatiful and intelegent individual. I send my condolences to Neda’s family and in particular her father who was at her side when she passed away.  I thank god, allah that she will have a role to play in heaven. The world has lost one of it’s brightest stars but Neda will leave an unforgtable image for peace and victory or the Iranin people.

God Bless

Garry Anderson

Ned Leight 06.23.09 | 7:41 PM ET

A very sad time in the history of Iran.  I hope that her life and what she meant for the Iranian nation will not be in vain.  My hope is that all of the nations of the world and Iran will come together with a mutual coexistance with due respect for one another with a goal of peace.  God bless the people of Iran.

nexting-4-nexting 06.24.09 | 6:39 AM ET

neda agha soltan , a young girl 16 years old come to dee for ‘peace-of-life’, Iranians-peace’
neda agha soltan , is the way - for - next ,
neda agha soltan , is the gate -nexting-4-nexting ,
neda agha soltan , she is life in spirit not die ,
neda agha soltan , she die for all iran ‘peace-in-mesias’
God Bless you Iranian.

Farnaz 06.24.09 | 7:19 AM ET

Nedaye azizam khaharam sarzamine man NEDA YE IRAN….. R.I.P.

Orville 06.24.09 | 2:24 PM ET

Insanity is alive, well and living on planet Earth.  People are dying because they want to live their life free from oppression and insane rulers.  The day will come when the people will stand up and say “enough.”  That day has not yet come.  A pity.

NEDA understood the cost of freedom and paid in full with her life.  Fortunately her spiritual health is more important than her immediate life so she will be OK.

When the people have had enough of this insanity they will act.  Not a minute sooner.

Peace be upon her and may God have mercy on us all for allowing this insanity to live on.

Peace 06.25.09 | 12:29 AM ET

Josh 06.25.09 | 4:50 PM ET

I have no words to express my deepest condolences. I want the Soltan family to know that Neda is now alive in the heart of every person in the world who has respect for humanity and maintains the beleif that peace and liberty must always truimph despite the atrocities of evil people.

Indra Hime 06.25.09 | 7:28 PM ET

Neda - the Voice of Iran
Neda - You died for an idea and for peace. The whole world saw Your pain and death. You were innocent. But You weren’t alone.
Neda - You died with open eyes.
Your last words: “I’m burning, i’m burning.”
But now You are free. Now You live forever. In our hearts.

Sylwia Pielecka “Indra Hime”
Warsaw, Poland

Zaheed Hafiz 06.26.09 | 6:31 AM ET

What a tragic waste of a beautiful young woman, and probably the gifted musician the world has lost. My deepest condolences to Neda’s family during this difficult time. It is not easy losing a child in this manner; I just hope that they find inner strength & peace to move on as time goes by.

a.m 06.26.09 | 11:02 AM ET

nedaye azizam to vase bachehayeh iran ye ostoreh baghi khahi mond,nedayeh azizam to sedayeh bachehayeh irani,nedaye azizam hamesheh to delayeh bachehayeh iran baghi moimoni

David 06.27.09 | 9:51 AM ET

The horrific images of Neda’s death are forever seared into my mind. I weep for Neda in my heart.

Lionel Jibel Tarik 06.27.09 | 10:53 PM ET

In Memory of Neda Agha Soltan 1982-12009:

Wake up Neda, Please wake up Neda
It is still so early to go to sleep
Please wake up Neda
You are so young
So beautiful
So innocent
So pure
Wake up Neda, Please wake up Neda
Please Neda, open those beautiful eyes of yours
The day is still so young
The Sun so bright, please Neda
Oh Neda, You might have gone to sleep before your time
But your name “Neda”  will be with us till the end of times
Good night for now and may God Bless you

sinead connolly 06.28.09 | 10:02 PM ET

neda died with no thought of martydom. as a western woman, in the royal navy,i think what she died for——though accidentally—-was for all women.

Indra Hime 06.29.09 | 8:11 PM ET

Yes, many bad voices said, that Neda died because she weared “non-Arabian” clothes - jeans, short sleeves, naked face. I think, it’s a very big lie. Neda died, because she was in bad place and bad time. She was innocent. She only stood and watched. She wanted only back home. And… there was mad Basij soldier… he must be mad, because he shoot for innocent woman, I think. When I watched that film, when Neda died, I was very , very sad…
Neda, rest in peace. Now You are free. Forever. In hearts of many, many people, who didn’t know You, but now they are think of You…

sinead connolly 07.06.09 | 7:41 PM ET

the saddest martyrdom is the accidental one, poor poor thing…..i have read so many comments and am deeply saddened by how quickly the whole debate descends into irrational hate.Do these people not see that this is how it all starts, the madness, THE KILLING?God help us all.

mahmah 07.07.09 | 10:00 AM ET

Neda khahare man ast, Neda dokhtare man ast, khoone neda khoone javanane vatane man ast, Neda hamsenne man ast, Neda sedaye azadist Neda fadaye demokratist.

Reyhaneh az alman

sinead connolly 07.11.09 | 6:03 PM ET

all people are born the same, what makes us different is that we choose to be/In one sense we are all neda.Why can,t we see this?

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