R.I.P. Peter Root and Mary Thompson, RTW Bloggers

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  02.18.13 | 4:07 PM ET

Very sad news from Thailand, where round-the-world cycle-tourists and bloggers Peter Root and Mary Thompson, of Two on Four Wheels, have been killed in a road accident. The couple, both 34, had been cycling since mid-2011, and had successfully crossed Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and China before arriving in Southeast Asia. They were hit by a pickup truck east of Bangkok last Wednesday.

“What helps me is to think of how happy they were with each other,” Root’s father, Jerry, told the AP. “They were leading the life they wanted to. It was the happiest, the most fruitful of lives.”

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4 Comments for R.I.P. Peter Root and Mary Thompson, RTW Bloggers

Wends of Journeys and Travels 02.18.13 | 8:05 PM ET

This saddens me as their passing on came in a shocking realities of what dangers lurk before all of us who travel the world and sightsee to make a difference. I am sure, Pete and Mary is resting peacefully from all their roads up to where there is peace and tranquility.

Dyanne@TravelnLass 02.20.13 | 8:40 AM ET

Tragic.  But… such a blessing that they left this earth doing what they love.

I once was preciously close to being killed by a 16-wheeler in a Home Depot parking lot in Seattle.  Now THAT would have been truly tragic.  Just today I was bumping down a narrow mountain road in Laos on a rickety bus with screeching brakes.  I fully expected to go tumbling down the mountainside at any moment.  And all I could think of was… better here, doing what I love, than… in that stupid Home Depot parking lot.

Anthony 02.26.13 | 12:48 AM ET

It was really sad to hear about this. But that’s life - things like this can happen from nowhere. Anyway, that doesn’t mean we all should stop travelling. I’m sure Peter and Mary were loving every minute of their travels.

American Visa 03.06.13 | 3:24 AM ET

My condolence to the closest family of the couple. I guess they are happy now in heaven.

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