Rock, Paper, Angry Volcano Goddess

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From Menehune Land Sales, LLC:

And it was then that I saw her, bathed in the full moon light, a female Menehune. She was beautiful, regal, similar to the male Menehune I had seen many years ago. Seeing her on our property was truly magical. It was the sign I had been waiting for. I was being directed not to sell the land as a whole, but to share the property in Menehune size pieces with those who wanted not only to own land on Maui and perpetuate the myth of these awesome little people, but to become stewards for this land and the spirit it possesses.

In other words, “How about a tenner for the Menehune?” Actually your contribution will go to Froyam Edel, the Menehune appointed real estate agent. He’s selling the land to you, dear reader, in one foot square parcels. For $9.99 (a little more if you want the embossed seal) you’ll get, well, a paper certificate, and not much more than that.

The Menehune are an important part of Hawaiian storytelling. Supposedly these island little people built the Alekoko fish pond on Kauai and some structures out on Necker Island, one of the far flung islands in the archipelago. Lava rock carvings of the Menehune used to be popular souvenirs, but it’s bad luck to take lava from Hawaii.

If you’re plagued by misfortune because you made the mistake of leaving Hawaii with rocks in your pocket, there are services that specialize in returning your poorly chosen souvenir to the volcano, complete with blessings to disperse the bad luck. Next time, go for the paper rather than the rock.

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