Smell This! Westin’s Unique Ad Campaign.

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  03.30.06 | 12:28 PM ET

My wife, Leslie, has a game she likes to play. Every once in a while, she dabs on some lotion from one of the hotels where we’ve stayed in recent years, rubs it into her hands and holds them up to my nose. “Where’s this from?” she demands with a grin. I take a whiff. My olfactory glands spring into action. Messages are relayed from my nose to my brain, and I find myself saying something like, “Maui. Definitely that place on Maui.” Or: “Is that from the hotel in Guadalajara?” More often than not, to my surprise, I’m right. The nose knows. Westin Hotels & Resorts must know this, too.

The company has embarked on a unique ad campaign. Full-page ads—I saw one in The New Yorker—resemble perfume ads, complete with a subtle fragrance residing under a sticky flap. A single line of text over a photo of dewy leaves announces: “White tea. The calming new scent of Westin.” And near the bottom of the page: “This is how it should feel. Westin Hotels & Resorts.”

According to a press release, it’s part of a new multi-million dollar advertising campaign created by Deutsch New York: “In a departure from the genre, Westin’s new global television, print and online campaign is devoid of room shots, sunsets or fluffy beds. Instead, the campaign communicates what guests will feel at a Westin—a relaxing, personal and renewing experience.”

The scent in the magazine ads will apparently be wafting through Westin hotels this spring.

A bit more from the press release:

The first print ad to debut is a calming, scented execution highlighting Westin’s new signature White Tea scent, which will be introduced in hotels worldwide this spring as part of the brand’s Sensory Welcome program. The second magazine ad highlights relaxation and is simply a clear acetate page stating, “Clear your mind. Free your senses.” One television spot entitled “Breathe” literally encourages viewers to take a moment to breath and relax, while “Wake Up” demonstrates how it would be nicer to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping or waves breaking than to an alarm clock. The television spot “News” slowly replaces the jarring images, financial tickers and sounds of a business news show with calming imagery and the “Mask” spot blocks out the confusion of the outside world and allows the viewer to see only through the onscreen cool sensation of a mud mask and cucumber slices.

I’m not sure I’ll be making reservations at a Westin any time soon, but it’ll be interesting to hear whether playing to the nose pays off.

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Elizabeth 04.26.06 | 5:51 PM ET

The scent is lovely!

I work as a sub in a detention room at a high school.  There are 8 in here with me now.

My day just got easier after a whiff of the Westin ad. Where can I get a bottle of White Tea?

Cory 04.27.06 | 2:02 PM ET

Not where can I get a bottle of this scent but I need it…Maui yes!

Mary Lou 04.27.06 | 11:07 PM ET

Where can I get this fragrance?I really really like the soft smell

Patricia S. Wade 05.07.06 | 3:51 PM ET

Please - I must have this to make my home smell like Westin!

Ashlee 05.12.06 | 5:40 PM ET

I used to have a perfume that smelled very similar to the one in this ad. However, I’m at a loss for its name.

Leigh Adamski 05.18.06 | 3:36 PM ET

I hope they make this into a perfume. It smells like you just stepped out of the shower!

Cindy 06.03.06 | 10:19 AM ET

I am dying to buy this scent as a room spray, I was told you could purchase it from Nordstroms as of June 1, but I still cannot find it online ????  Can any one help???

Lisa 06.05.06 | 10:34 PM ET

I was staying at the Seattle Westin a couple of weeks ago when I first noticed the scent. I thought it was a group of great smelling guys that were in the lobby at the time. I actually thought they were “hot” until I latter realized that the scent was being piped in. It’s great!!

dawn 07.03.06 | 12:42 AM ET

The white tea scent is AMAZING! I think it’s a clever move on Westin’s part because now I will positively associate Westin with this scent. In fact, I just realized that the white tea scent is very much reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue..I think even white tea may smell a little better! But if you’re looking for a close match, then go for D&G’s perfume. I’m really in love with this scent! If somebody has any information about obtaining this scent in a perfume bottle, please email me!

Thomas 11.14.06 | 12:05 AM ET

Westin and Marriott hotels are all going smoke-free! Hurray - about time. No one should have to ever breathe toxic tobacco smoke. Everything should be smoke-free. We all have a right to smoke-free air.

julie 12.18.06 | 1:25 PM ET

The smell is same as Marriot.  It has to be the scent from natural citrus and it’s by L’Occitan (goggle that).  The scent I believe is the Verbenia eau de toilet.  I ordered the lotion, cologne, bubble bath and ROOM SPRAY!!!  I want my house to definitely smell just like it!!!  soooooooooo clean

Liz 07.23.07 | 11:03 AM ET

It smells like Issey Miyake for men to me.

Julie 10.18.07 | 11:16 AM ET

I’m gonna try the Issey Miyake.  I have tried the Dolce & Gabanna, but it is not even close.  L’Occitane is closer to it.  They claim it is “White Tea”.  I actually called and spoke with a room service manager at a Marriot and she said the smell was a chemical that was piped in the A/C system.  She even gave me the name of the supplier, but the supplier only sells to huge corporations and has to be installed professionally.

Paula Ken 09.27.08 | 11:16 AM ET

That is pretty interesting. The capability on nose of human being is miraculous. I have such experiences also. While I was a high school student, I ate some tomato cookies every day when reading a book. After that, even I seldom ate that any more, I still can remember the book I read when I smell the tomato cookies.

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