Taco Bell to Indians: ‘Visit Mexico for 18 Rupees’

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  04.21.10 | 2:59 PM ET

Yes, Taco Bell is invading India, offering such classic Mexican delicacies as “Potato & Paneer Burrito.”

The offerings, with an Indian twist designed to appeal to local tastes and vegetarian diets, sound genuinely intriguing in an Indian-Mex-fusion kinda way.

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Doug Mack 04.22.10 | 10:01 AM ET

There’s a Tex-Mex place near the Latin Quarter in Paris (maybe you’ve been there ...) that serves tandoori chicken tacos. Those French, always ahead of the culinary curve! (Though in this case, I suspect the fusion is unintentional.)

Mary Arulanantham 05.13.10 | 3:42 PM ET

My dirty travel secret is visiting a local fast food franchise just to compare it with home. My favorite is the KFC with a layer of chile powder buried under the breading. At first we just went to appease my teenaged relatives who normally don’t have access to or can’t afford to eat at these kinds of places. Now, it has become kind of a game. Sliced pickled beet on a Whopper, McFried Rice. Actually, my local South Asian friends here in the U.S. make these kinds of Indo-Mexican or Indo-Italian combos all the time at home. Often quite tasty!

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