Talking Truth in Turkey

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  08.20.10 | 12:20 PM ET

Claire Berlinski offers a provocative take on Turkish culture in World Affairs:

As the First General Law of Travel tells us, every nation is its stereotype. Americans are indeed fat and overbearing, Mexicans lazy and pilfering, Germans disciplined and perverted. The Turks, as everyone knows, are insane and deceitful. I say this affectionately. I live in Turkey. On good days, I love Turkey. But I have long since learned that its people are apt to go berserk on you for no reason whatsoever, and you just can’t trust a word they say. As one Turkish friend put it (a man who has spent many years in America, and thus grasps the depth of the cultural chasm), “It’s not that they’re bad. They don’t even know they’re lying.” 

(Via AL Daily)

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Mariyn Terrell 08.21.10 | 11:27 AM ET

Thanks for surfacing this essay, which I’d otherwise have missed. Brilliant, hilarious, insightful and terrifying.

220 to 110 Converter 10.05.10 | 8:38 AM ET

When I lived in Turkey it was noted that people told you what you ‘‘wanted to know’. For example: You ask if the bus leaves at 4.00. The person you are talking to realises that you want the bus to leave at 4.00 and because it will make you happy to hear this he will certainly tell you that it leaves at 4.00 even if it doesn’t!

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