Thomas Kohnstamm, Lonely Planet and the Question of Eternal Damnation

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  04.14.08 | 6:23 PM ET

imageSome writers have declared that former Lonely Planet author Thomas Kohnstamm just might be going to hell. Others charge that he’s a fraud. My take: The author of the new book Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?, about his not-so-ideal experience in the travel-writing business, has said some stupid things (which he regrets). His publisher is playing up his book’s salacious details. And he may not win a Nobel Peace Prize or lifetime achievement award. But he’ll escape eternal damnation—at least on travel-writing grounds. We just posted an interview with him covering the high points of the controversy (with links to a number of stories about it). And we got to the sex stuff, too.

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Joy Grassi 04.15.08 | 6:34 AM ET

I would like printed information about all the treasure hunting information that has been covered.  The places, the cost, the equiptment, the location, time, etc, etc….we want to plan a cross country trip and hit as many of these fun places as possible.  Thank You

Shay Fodor 04.15.08 | 10:43 AM ET

The question is if we need travel guides in 2008, when we have fellow travelers on-line that are more up to date than a book who was edited 2 years ago. In the case of backpacker places, not once I have found myself following the recommendation of “Lonely Planet” just to find out that the place has lost its reputation longtime ago. With TripAdvisor, WAYN   and , one can find very easily up to date recommendations, travel mates and all the travel info one’s need to get oriented while traveling .

Travel guides need to adjust to the new era, minimize their books size and be more up to date if they want to survive the travel 2.0 era.

gqzibnir 07.15.08 | 1:49 AM ET

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